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   Too long foreskin in men will cause some smegma to appear, but smegma is full of various bacteria, which can cause women’s gynecological diseases after being brought into the vagina through sex. Circumcision can also effectively ensure the health of the woman.

  2, hinder the development of the penis

   In puberty, because the head of the penis is tightly wrapped by the foreskin, it cannot be stimulated by the outside world, and the development of the head of the penis is greatly restricted, resulting in a short male penis. Circumcision can promote the normal development of the penis.

   3. Influential quality

  Because the glans mucosa is usually less irritated, the nerves of the glans mucosa are too sensitive. During sex, the glans and vagina are rubbed and leaked at the touch, causing premature ejaculation in men and preventing normal sex. Circumcision can effectively prevent premature ejaculation.

  4, cause reproductive inflammation

   is easy to cause genitourinary inflammation. There are abundant sebaceous glands in the foreskin, and there are a lot of secretions. The foreskin prevents the secretions from being discharged and accumulates into dirt and parasites many pathogenic bacteria. Bacteria invading the urethra can cause urinary tract infections, which can lead to dermatitis and balanitis. Foreskin surgery as early as possible can prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure the health of the reproductive organs.


   So why do men circumcise their circumcision?